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Our Risk Free Diamond Guarantee:

Your purchase from PAERIP is guaranteed for a full 30 days. This gives you the freedom to compare your diamond purchase against our competitors or obtain an independent, professional evaluation. If you're not convinced you've made the very best choice, simply return your diamond jewelry for a full and prompt refund. We pride ourselves on offering high quality diamonds at the best value imaginable, but don't take our word for it. See for yourself, risk free, with our risk free buying guarantee.

Our "Best Value" Diamond Collection

Diamonds in our "Best Value" collection are just the right combination of quality and affordability, making the dream of bestowing a pair of beautiful diamond stud earrings upon the woman that you love a reality. Best Value diamonds are guaranteed to be of an Excellent cut grade, near colorless, and rated "eye clean" in the category of clarity.

The Secret to Brighter Diamonds

Best Value diamonds are guaranteed to be of an Excellent cut grade.

There are those who would argue that "cut" is the most important of the "four C's" of cut, color, clarity and carat weight. The beauty of a diamond lays in its brilliance…its fire, and these qualities are the result of the amount of light refracted throughout the stone and, ultimately, back to the eye. The cut of diamond is a highly responsible for this light play, and therefore a diamond of Excellent cut or above can often outshine a comparable diamond of a lesser cut, even if it's ratings for color and clarity are of a lesser value.

Excellent and Ideal cut diamonds reflect the most light, therefore giving off the greatest brilliance. These diamond cuts only account for about 5% of diamonds sold, however, but the lesser cuts of Poor, Fair and Good can often appear very lackluster in comparison. Naturally, there is a geometric formula that goes into refracting the maximum amount of light through a diamond, but that's for the gemologists to worry about. Your only concern should be that your diamond sparkles as brilliantly as nature intended, and with an Excellent cut diamond, you know it will.

The Essence of "Near Colorless" Diamonds

The essence of "Near Colorless" diamonds is in the inherent value of appearance vs. price, making this color rating the perfect choice for diamond stud earrings in our Best Value Collection.

To understand the importance of a diamond's color, you must first gain a working knowledge as to exactly how diamonds are graded for color.

Loose diamonds are evaluated for color in the inverted position under controlled light. When diamonds with adjacent color grades are mounted in a setting face up, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference, even with a highly trained eye. What that means to you, the consumer, is a savings of 50% or more with the purchase of a near colorless diamond over a colorless diamond, even though the difference in appearance is imperceptible to the naked eye. That's why near colorless diamonds are the optimum color grade for inclusion in our Best Value Collection. When this color characteristic is maximized with an Excellent grade cut, the result is a diamond of exceptional beauty and value.


When a diamond has no flaws which are visible to the naked eye, it is considered to be "eye clean." When diamonds are graded for clarity, they are scrutinized both internally and externally under 10X magnification. Often a loose diamond will be categorized with slight inclusions, even though these internal flaws have no visible effect on the diamond from a consumer perspective.

Especially in larger diamonds of a full carat or greater, these minor inclusions - though imperceptible to the naked eye - can result in a cost savings of over 400%! That's because the GIA rates diamonds based on their rarity - which has little to do with a high quality diamond's perceived beauty - making diamonds of "eye clean" clarity a perfect match for our Best Value Collection.