Welcome to PAERIP!


PAERIP (Promoting African – European Research Infrastructure Partnerships) is a project funded under FP7 (Theme INFRA-2010-3.2).

The project will create a dedicated initiative to promote research infrastructure partnerships between Europe and Africa. There is currently significant political attention on promoting science and technology partnerships between the European Union and Africa. The Joint Africa-European Union (EU) Strategy, adopted by Heads of Government at the December 2007 Lisbon Summit, notably includes a dedicated Science, Information Society and Space initiative. Several collaborative efforts are currently being implemented under this Partnership, with the support of the African Union Commission, the European Commission and African and European Union Member States. None of these initiatives forex online trading are, however, specifically addressing research infrastructures except the targeted intervention to build high-speed research networking capacities in selected African countries under the AfricaConnect project. The “Promoting African European Research Infrastructure Partnerships” (PAERIP) project is specifically focused on addressing this void notably by undertaking a series of relevant studies, which will inform the organisation of policy dialogue and cooperation promotion events.