PAERIP represented at the JEG8 meeting (Nov. 6-7, 2012 - Cape Town, South Africa)

Friday, 9 November 2012
PAERIP consortium

The meeting of the Joint Expert Group (JEG) of the Africa-EU Partnership 8 (JEG8) was held in Cape Town (South Africa) on November 6-8, 2012. The JEG8 is an informal non excecutive consultative forum of African and European Member states experts involved in the 8th Africa-EU Strategic Partnership on Science, Information Society and Space. The JEG8 meets periodically to discuss the challenges and evaluate the implementation of the 8th partnership and it may recommend, where necessary, corrective actions and propose the inclusion of new initiatives required to maintain, improve and add the momentum of the partnership action plan implementation process. The PAERIP project was presented at the JEG8 meeting by Takalani Nemangani (DST South Africa), who highlighted the need for Research Infrastructures to be identified as a concrete theme for dialogue and funding under the 8th Africa-EU Strategic Partnership.