An Analysis of the socio-economic impact of African-European research infrastructure cooperation

This report analyses the ways in which new research infrastructure development, or cooperation which uses existing research infrastructures, contributes to socio-economic development. It identifies the main areas of socio-economic impact of research infrastructures, illustrated with appropriate examples of the socio-economic benefit of African European research infrastructure cooperation.

October 2012


PAERIP Opportunities for African-European cooperation in developing RI

Describes considerations for African-European partnerships in Research Infrastructure (RI).

A P Botha, G von Gruenewaldt and T C Botha / TechnoScene (Pty) Ltd

P Gomez and K Krzastek / ISC Intelligence in Science

October 2012


Preliminary findings on African and European Research Infrastructure that support potential partnerships between the two continents

Summarises the preliminary findings on Research Infrastructure (RI) in Europe and Africa that have the potential of "Promoting African European Research Infrastructure Partnerships”, which is the main objective of the PAERIP project.

A P Botha, and G von Gruenewaldt / TechnoScene (Pty) Ltd

January 2012


Report on EU development Cooperation Instruments 

Describes and analyses the major EU development cooperation instruments with a view to potential development of African European Research Infrastructures Partnerships.

ISC Intelligence in Science

December 2011