RI Inventories

The inventory of Research Infreastructures (RI) in Europe and Africa is available here.


This inventory was compiled for the purpose of identifying potential collaboration among RI on the two continents that could lead to partnerships. The European Inventory is drawing on the available inventories as outlined in the respective European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) facilities, and some identified non-ESFRI facilities. The African inventory of identified research infrastructure relates to the Consolidated Plan of Action, highlighting its main attributes of potential interest to European researchers. In most cases projects in Africa were identified that could have potential impact on the CPA and Book of Lighthouse Projects and should not be understood to be declared associated projects. It furthermore needs to be emphasised that whereas the focus of the European inventory was on EU (ESFRI and non-ESFRI) supported RI, the African RI inventory includes pan-African, regional and national RI. One of the useful functions of the inventory is to do a comparison in the same or different focus areas on what projects have potential for collaboration or are collaborating at present. Such collaborations are good platforms for forming partnerships. It is generally considered that the lack of awareness of RIs on the two continents is one of the primary factors inhibiting greater African-European science and technology cooperation. To make meaningful impact one of the critical tasks of PAERIP is to facilitate an environment where RI that could potentially succeed in such African-European partnerships can be identified and initiated, where success is demonstrated reasonably quickly by the impact it makes on the science it addresses and by highlighting the social benefits from that science.